"My dad always taught me: 'Never forget where you came from'. I am very grateful for my education. Many people here at the university have contributed to what I do today."

Paul Polman
Chairman of the Ubbo Emmius Fund and former CEO of Unilever

The Ubbo Emmius Fund supports the scientific activities of the University of Groningen. You can help us by supporting one of the projects. Donate and share your involvement with others. 100% of your donation goes to the project of your choice.

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€943.308 raised
Latest donation 02/11/2021 | 08:47
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About the Ubbo Emmius Fund

Especially for its fundraising the University of Groningen established the Ubbo Emmius Fund (UEF), named after the first rector of our university. The UEF is an independent foundation with an independent board led by Paul Polman (former CEO Unilever). The board members, all former students of the university receive no remuneration for their work.