Frequently asked questions

Why should you donate to scientific research?

The government is an important financer of scientific research, but definitely not the only one. Contributions from individuals and businesses are a valuable addition with regard to the resources for fundamental and/or applied research. This often concerns a subject of close involvement for the supporter because of his/her own experiences or personal fascination.

What is the role of the Ubbo Emmius Fund?

The goal of the Ubbo Emmius Fund is supporting education and research of the University of Groningen. In order to make this possible, the foundation obtains resources and channels the total 100% funds raised to the concerned education or research project.

What are the fiscal advantages of my donation?

The Ubbo Emmius Fund is acknowledged as a Public Benefit Institution (PBI/ANBI). Starting from the 18th of October 2012 the following fiscal advantages can be applied according to the taxation authorities (Belastingdienst):

  • A PBI does not have to pay taxes with regard to gifts and inheritance.
  • Payments of a PBI concerning general interest are free from the rights of donation.
  • If an institution has a PBI-status, it is possible for the supporter to subtract donations from their income or corporation tax; of course in line with the rules of the taxation authorities.

For more information regarding fiscal subjects you can call 0800-0543 or go to

Research Dead Sea Scrolls

Why is this research important?

With regard to this research project, prof. Mladen Popović attempts to find out who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls by using advanced techniques from Artifical Intelligence. The importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls is hard to overestimate, they are the oldest manuscripts available from the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. The fascinating thing about the Dead Sea Scrolls is that they provide a unique insight in the beginnings of what later became the Bible. Almost 20% of the total amount of Dead Sea Scrolls consists of scriptures from the Old Testament. The other manuscripts are sacred texts that eventually have not been canonized. Besides that, astronomical scriptures and calendar texts have been found as well. The texts provide us a lot of new information. They changed our impressions about early Judaism as well as it changed our impression of early Christianity.


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