Loop Leeuwarden fundraiser team The Walking Dreams
€522 Raised
€500 Our goal
104% Reached

We are walking to raise money for Non-EU students to pursue their education, their dreams. Walking, and walking relentlessly to the destination point, representing how dreams actually can take time to come true. We are walking for dreams to come true while enacting those dreams students may have. We want to be “The Walking Dreams” to make them more visible, tangible, and relatable.

Those dreams do not only include wearing a toga cap and graduating successfully. They also include having fun, learning about the local life, or even becoming a local one for a while, and some rebel against societal norms resulting in groups such as Anonymous. But we also know that those dreams are not all moonlight and roses. Who didn’t get worried about the uncertainty, or the unknowable that waits for them in the land of destination? Yes, those nightmares… 

Support us, the walking dreams, and help us contribute to those dreams by making them walk as they are, with their ups and downs.

Team members:
- Selen Eren
- Eko Rahmadian
- Clarisse Kraamwinkel
- Elok Malay
- Hellen Dawo