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The Groninger University Fund (GUF) supports students who want to study or to follow an internship abroad for a while, contributing to travel and accommodation costs.

For example, Jeri Nijland, master student Biology at the Faculty of Science & Engineering. She followed a research internship at the McGill University in Montreal from October 2014 to May 2015.


'With the help of the GUF scholarship for Excellence Students, I had the opportunity to visit the Douglas Mental Health University Institute (McGill University) in Montreal, Canada. In addition to the treatment of patients, this institute also researches psychiatric disorders and treatments. I worked there as a Research Trainee at the department "Study and Treatment of Circadian Rhythms", under the guidance of prof. dr. Diane B. Boivin. This department uses special research rooms, the so-called "time-free spaces", which allow the study of the biological clock under strictly controlled conditions. Because the lab was part of the psychiatric hospital, this foreign internship offered me the opportunity to do highly specialized research into psychiatric disorders.' - Jeri Nijland


 The purpose of her internship was to study light therapy as an intervention for the treatment of depression in patients suffering from a bipolar disorder. There are currently few good treatments for this group of patients. Light therapy could possibly mean something as this has shown a positive effect on other types of depression. In addition, bipolar patients often suffer from disturbed sleep and disordered rhythms in activity throughout the day. The idea is that these factors may affect the state of mind. During her project, Jeri studied the effects of light therapy on sleep and rhythms in activity in depressed bipolar patients. The results showed a number of very interesting findings, and at the moment she is together with prof. dr. Boivin and prof. dr. Beaulieu busy getting the findings published.


All in all, my study visit has been an incredibly fine educational experience, in which I have developed both professionally and socially and have learned a lot. I would like to thank the Groninger University Fund for the financial contribution that this trip has made possible.

The Groninger University Fund would like to give more students the opportunity to study abroad, but unfortunately there are not sufficient resources.

Would you please to help the Groninger University Fund?


The students introduce themselves and tell what they want to achieve with a scholarship from the GUF.

Current fundraisers:


  Mirela Petkova
I am Mirela and I study International Relations and International Organisation (IRIO). The relations of Europe with Asian countries have my special interest and I believe that with dialogue we can shape our future. The EU-Asia cooperation is one of the most fundamental branches of global politics through which we can do so. As of November 1st, 2018 I will become an intern at EIAS, the European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels, Belgium. Read more >>

The Groningen University Fund (“GUF”) was founded on March 4, 1893 by the professors of the Groningen University.

The aim of the GUF is to promote in the widest sense the study at the Groningen University. As means to archive this aim the Fund sustains among others the following activities:

  • subsidizing study-related travel abroad by students
  • subsidizing student excursions (accompanied by staff members)
  • subsidizing scientific, cultural or sports activities by students within the framework of a student organization
  • subsidizing the organisation in Groningen or the north of the Netherlands of international scientific conferences, symposia or workshops by scientists of the Groningen University
  • financially facilitating seminars or lectures by scientists from abroad
  • the establishment of endowed chairs at the Groningen University

PBO status

The Groningen University Fund is a public benefit organisation (PBO) under Dutch law. Public Benefit Organisations are entitled to make use of specific Dutch tax advantages. Donations to the GUF are tax deductable.

Please note

For this campaign the GUF is supported by its sister organisation the Ubbo Emmius Foundation, that also holds a PBO status. Your donation will be handled by the UEF, but will be transferred for the full 100% to the GUF.


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More about the GUF and her activities can be found  here.