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Leukemia is a disease that is still difficult to treat. But we do understand better why that is the case. We now know the mutations in our DNA that lead to leukemia. Our challenge for the future is to understand how these mutations disrupt normal blood formation. We do this, among other things, by incorporating these mutations into the DNA of healthy stem cells. In this way we are able to unravel how molecular changes in the cell lead to disturbed blood formation. In addition, we use these models to test new treatment methods.



prof.dr. Jan Jacob Schuringa

"Within individual patients, different populations of cancer cells may exist with unique DNA mutations, each of which needs their own medicine. In recent years we have mapped leukemia-specific markers (plasma membrane proteins). With this, we can now distinguish leukemic cells from normal blood cells, and even different populations of cancer cells within one patient. The challenge for the future will be whether we can use this knowledge to improve the monitoring of the development of the patient's disease, and whether we can use these markers to send the right medicines to the right cells in order to arrive at a patient-specific treatment method: 'personal and precise'."


Professor Schuringa and his team are working hard to improve treatment methods. They have chosen a new approach to combat leukemia in better way. The identification of the population in a specific cancer cell in individual patients is increasingly possible.

With a personal and precise approach Schuringa ensures greater chances of survival in leukemia. An approach that is already being applied in the clinic of the UMCG, but that needs to be further refined and rolled out. Multi-pipettes enable this refinement and further roll-out. This increases the chance of survival.

However, the multi-pipettes are expensive to use. You can take the leukemia research a bit further and help prof. Schuringa with the purchase of a fair amount of multi- pipettes.

Please support him and donate!

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