€2.565 Raised

This crowdfunding action is facilitated by the FEB Academic Support Fund, recently installed by FEB with the aim to provide support for students and staff of higher education institutions in times of crisis. 

When members of our academic community, Faculty Council and Faculty Board asked what the Faculty of Economics and Business could do to support the people from the Ukraine, it was decided to start a FEB crowdfunding action. With this crowdfunding action we ask the FEB community for a donation to support the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF in its effort to provide perspective for Ukrainian academic refugees in the Netherlands. Any amount will do, all help is very much appreciated! The total amount of your gifts will be matched by FEB, and the result will be donated to the UAF.

An estimated 10 million people have fled the Ukraine to get away from the violence and find safety. Currently close to 50.000 refugees from Ukraine are hosted in the Netherlands, and the expectation is that many more are to follow! Often, they have had to leave everything and everyone behind and arrive with not much more than the shirts on their back. Beyond the first aid of food, shelter, and a safe haven, they are in dire need of some perspective for their further stay with us.

Amongst various general support and fund-raising initiatives, this FEB crowdfunding action is "by academia, for academia". It is aiming to help with providing support for the Ukrainian academic community, specifically, for refugee students and (both academic and support) staff from Ukraine in the Netherlands.

The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has been providing support to refugee students and professionals in their studies and in finding suitable employment in the Netherlands since 1948. As an independent professional organization and officially recognized charity, they rely on donations, volunteers, and cooperation with education institutions, companies, municipalities, and the Dutch national government. UAF is already receiving many requests from students and staff from Ukrainian higher education, looking for ways to in some way continue their studies or work in the Netherlands. They expect the number of requests to increase rapidly in the coming months and need help to accommodate them! Therefore, the total amount of the gifts received in this crowdfunding campaign will be matched by FEB, and the resulting sum will then be donated to the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. 


About the FEB Academic Support Fund
FEB's mission is to empower and connect students, academics and external stakeholders to have a joint positive impact. As a higher education institution, obviously our impact will be primarily through teaching and research, but we also aim to have an impact in society beyond science. To help with this, in line with our values "engaged" and "personal", FEB has installed the FEB Academic Support Fund, a dedicated fund under the Groningen University Fund (GUF), with the aim to provide support to fellow students and staff of higher education institutions in times of crisis. This support can take different shapes, for example providing scholarships for study, facilitating short stays, or financially supporting relevant charities or aid initiatives. The FEB for Ukraine crowdfunding action is the first initiative facilitated by the FEB Academic Support Fund.