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The Eric Bleumink Fund (EBF) offers talented students from developing countries the opportunity to study in Groningen. At our university they gain access to a modern education system, advanced research facilities and an international academic network. Matters that are normal in the Netherlands but are often missing in their home country. Since the start in 2000, 76 young, ambitious and very gifted people have received an EBF Talent Grant.


Each year, thanks to the contributions of nearly 2,000 alumni, students and employees of the University of Groningen (RUG), the fund can award an average of four students a grant. Unfortunately, not all applications for a scholarship can be accepted, but our ambition is to increase the number of scholarships. We hope to pay for the study of an extra student through a call and crowdfunding campaign among alumni. The costs for one scholarship are approximately € 25,000.


You can help us with that. Any amount is welcome!  


About the Eric Bleumink Fund

The EBF is a fund in the name of the Ubbo Emmius Fund foundation. The Ubbo Emmius Fund supports university education and research and has ANBI status. Gifts to the Ubbo Emmius Fund for the EBF are tax deductible under certain conditions. Because all the costs of the Ubbo Emmius Fund are borne by the university, your donation will fully benefit the EBF and ultimately the fellows.