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One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Almost half of them will not make it. Cancer researcher Anika Nagelkerke wants to improve the treatment of cancer. Both in her lab coat and on her bicycle.


  "Predicting which treatment or drug will cure a patient’s cancer proves extremely challenging. Fighting cancer is like trying to hit a moving target: cancer cells change all the time and they like to keep themselves hidden in a pool of healthy cells. It’s as if you’re picking out the blue m&m’s with your eyes closed."


Her research focusses on understanding how cancer cells respond to treatment. In the team's laboratories, they are bioengineering models for cancer from the bottom up. This allows the researchers to determine which environmental parameters are important in a cancer’s response to treatment. The researchers want to use this information to predict which treatment is the best for which patient, improving chances of survival.

10k for 10k

In 10k for 10k, Anika plans to cycle 10.000 kilometer to raise € 10.000 to support her research.

In 2019, Anika is challenging herself to get active and cycle 10.000 kilometers to raise € 10.000 to support this research.

Would you please sponsor her kilometers and help her achieve this goal?I Any donation is welcome!

About Anika Nagelkerke

Anika Nagelkerke works as assistant professor in the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Groningen.

Anika: "I am a young scientist setting up my first independent research group. Science is my passion and I am particular attracted to exploring how biology works. I am applying this curiosity to cancer research, through which I want to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with cancer. Cancer does not discriminate and it can affect all of us. Cancer patients and their loved ones need to know that they are not alone. We work hard every single day to come up with new strategies to beat cancer. However, developing these technologies does not come cheap. Materials and equipment are very expensive. With crowdfunding, we could make a start.

In addition to science, I really enjoy cycling (obviously…). Cycling makes you happy, gives you freedom and it offers a more intense awareness of your surroundings. On my bike, somehow my scientific creativity is stimulated and many research ideas find their origin there. I want to cycle for cancer research. Will you sponsor me?