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Worrying about money as a student isn’t nice. At Campus Fryslân we welcome students from many different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, some with less financial resources. During LOOP Leeuwarden, we will be collecting money to help students realize their dream to study and reach their potential. Do you support them too?

We also want to raise awareness about menstruation issues and (the lack of) sanitary products some people experience. Leadership is an important element in the Global Resposibility & Leadership programme and SDG 3 (Good Health and well-being) plays an important role with regard to this topic.

Team members:
- Sinead Walsh (5km)
- Maaike Moltzer (walking)
- Hadassa van de Griend (5km)
- Maud Mulder (5km)
- Inge Nummerdor (5km)