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In the months April to June I was working on a project for my internship at the 3D-lab located in the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) supervised by Prof. Dr. Paul Jutte. Nowadays, bone tumors are treated with Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) where the surgeon inserts a hot needle in the centre of the tumor and kills the tumor cells by heating the tip of the needle. Besides, surgeries are pre-planned with MRI-scans and/or CT-scans which are visualized by an external device in the surgery room. To improve the effiency, accuracy and convenience of the RFA surgeries, this project has it’s goal to implement a Virtual Reality system in the orthopedic surgery room to treat bone tumors. The proof-of-concept study was conducted to show the accuracy and the surgery time of the needle placement and this data is compared to literature on CT-guided procedures. The results were promising as the operation time reduced and accuracy of the mixed reality guided surgery was satisfactory. I will conduct the master research project at the University of Technology in Auckland for 6 months from May 2022. Next to the great opportunity to continue the project, I will definitely see this as a period of personal development and a next step in my career. Right now, I am experienced in the design process of medical devices through study and I have been developing an entrepreneurial mindset by starting my own company a couple of years ago. People with different from different countries have different visions, so working in a place with a variety of nationalities appeals to me and this could have great benefits for the project. My personal learning goals will be to improve my communication and collaboration skills in a new environment.