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Since I had Spanish in school my dream is to study in South America one day because I strongly believe that the culture and the people living there will highly contribute to my personal development. So I figured out that the biggest opportunity to realize this dream would be to study a semester abroad in South America while doing my Bachelor. Since my study program International Business requires me to study a semester abroad I applied to the University ESAN in Lima, Peru and was accepted, so my dream finally comes true.

I am aware of the fact that Peru is associated with higher overall travel costs than potential other destinations, nevertheless, there are several reasons supporting my dream of studying in South America.
First of all, besides the fact that I travelled a lot with my family, which gave me insights into very diverse cultures I have never been to South America and I feel like there are cultures and ways of living that I definitely want to experience.
Secondly, I think that it is a huge advantage to be able to speak a second foreign language fluently in your further life. In order to realize my dream to study in South America, I was willing to put a lot of time, effort and money into the B1 Spanish certificate which was a requirement even though it was not always easy to study for the several language courses next to my study program.
Lastly, Peru’s cultural diversity will introduce me to people from different backgrounds who think differently about topics and might, therefore, widen my perspective to look at different matters and therefore broaden my mindset.

Finally, due to the fact that I would describe myself as a socially competent and ambitious person, who is always willing to understand people with different backgrounds and cultures I am very much looking forward to spending my semester abroad at the University ESAN which is a well-known business school in South America. Nevertheless, I would be honoured to be considered as a potential receiver of some funds since it would really ease my financial situation.