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Soon I will go abroad to spend my exchange semester at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. My main motivation to get there is to get another perspective to my study of International Relations which is very Western-focused. During my stay I will therefore, for instance, take courses about the foreign policy of Colombia and the US Security Policies from the Colombian perspective.

Going abroad as far as Colombia involves a lot of costs including travel expenses, monthly rent and expenses for study material. Getting your donation will not only allow me to add a non-Western perspective to my studies but it will also allow me to represent the international students of the Netherlands in Colombia. I intend to share my newly acquired knowledge with my Dutch and international friends in Groningen and thus let others benefit from my experience as well.

By means of this crowdfunding campaign I hope to raise 250€ which will be doubled by the Groninger University Fund. The resulting 500€ will help me tremendously. Therefore every contribution is greatly appreciated!