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Currently, I study the bachelor Spatial Planning and Design at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the RUG. In the coming winter semester 2021, I plan to take 30 EC of courses at the university of technology (TU) in Vienna, Austria. These courses will all be closely related to urban and regional planning and are part of the spatial planning bachelor of the TU.

My main motivation behind doing an exchange semester at TU Vienna is the language of instruction, German, my native language. By getting to know the planning discipline from a different perspective and learning the German terminology, I hope to be able to increase my opportunities for practicing as a planner in the German-speaking world. Studying and living in such a global city as Vienna will help me to extend my career-related network while the probably more technical view of planning taught at TU will contribute to the widening of my horizon.

I have chosen some third- as well as some second-year courses, however, this selection might change slightly based on what is actually offered at the time of the start of the semester. Among the topics covered by the selected courses are the environment, traffic planning, policy-making in the EU as well as municipal planning, the latter being connected to practical studio work and site excursions. Lastly, I will be renting private accommodation during my stay from October 2021 to January 2022.

Your support is greatly appreciated!