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Dear readers,


My name is Emilia Waterhouse, I am 23 years old and currently in the process of completing my master’s in international security at the University of Groningen. As the final part of my Master, I am required to complete an internship. As I wish to make the most of this experience, I first completed my thesis and delayed the internship until September so I will be able to take part in the four-month internship I have been offered with the European Commission in Berlin.


People and their communication have always fascinated me. Through my study abroad I have developed a keen interest and knowledge of interactions between cultures and nations and their divergence. As I grew up in a bilingual (English, German) household I have always felt very connected with Europe, in my opinion, European politics represent the opportunity to cultivate the advancement of nations by finding strength in increased cooperation and the opportunity to provide superior social welfare. The rich linguistic diversity of Europe, the top-down influence of transnational institutions on both a national and individual scale and the introduction of European politics are of central interest form me.


Travelling and working through Québec, Germany and Spain I speak fluent German and almost fluent French and Spanish. This internship will not only offer me practical experience in a political institution but also the opportunity to utilise and develop my linguistic capabilities, something I am extremely passionate about and believe is invaluable in a globalized world.


Throughout my Bacherlor and Master at the University of Groningen my main field of study have been International Relations and Intersectional Feminism. During this internship I will be working with an all-female team offering me the perfect opportunity to better understand the functioning of political institutions, the practical aspects of working in these fields and the ability to pursue my career goals. The Commission, as an international Institution, an agent of European evolution and international cooperation manifests global development; and I would like to be a part of this.


This is where you all come in:

The internship I have been offered is completely unpaid. Whilst the European Union does offer paid traineeships the application deadline and responses leave next to no time for finding accommodation and moving to a capital city like Berlin; so this internship was my best bet.

So, I'm turning to all of you: friends, family, entrepreneurs, academics, or those who are simply passionate about furthering the work of institutions of international co-operation, to  spread the word and  to ask for any form of contribution to help me make this amazing opportunity attainable. 


Thank you all!