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From june to august 2022 I will help in the hospital in Mikumi, Tanzania for an internship of social medicine. I choose to do this study activity because I want to explore the world of tropical medicine, to find out if tropical medicine is something where my interests lay for the future. Tanzania is a country that faces great challenges, including poverty, bad infrastructure, low level of education and severe diseases. Per 100.000 citizens are 6 doctors available, which is far below the WHO-recommendations. This means every medical help from other people is greatly valued. Besides, Tanzania is a great country with nice people, a beautiful culture and wonderful nature, which contributed to my choice. I am sure this internship will help me to become a better doctor. It will be challenging, but I am very eager to learn more about the different ways medicine is practiced, regarding the culture, ethics, resources and organization of a hospital in Tanzania. I think it will be challenging to deliver care with less available resources compared to the Netherlands. On the other hand, that will force me to improve my clinical reasoning and contact with patients, which makes it an educational and possible life changing experience. No matter how my future worklife would look like, I think it is important to obtain a perspective of medicine on an international level, which I hopefully gain in Mikumi. My specific learning aspects for Mikumi are to focus on prevention, to learn to be a good leader and to actively reflect on how and why I do things in a certain way. The University of Groningen is willing to partially fund me if I also initiate a crowdfunding. I hope with your help I can reach the amount, thank you for your contribution!