Een transplantatie kan je een tweede leven, een nieuw leven geven. UMCG heeft dit al 50 jaar voor heel veel mensen mogelijk gemaakt. Een jubileumboek over de geschiedenis van de transplantatiegeneeskunde, het verleden, heden en de toekomst is een prachtig initiatief, dat zeker gesteund dient te worden. Lucie Soer

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Normal 608a86c010c46991eafb0fbe8abe2f68901aa001 Support science Education and research are the drive for development in our society. In Groningen we believe that science can change the world, and you can contribute to that. The Ubbo Emmius Fund seeks support for special scientific projects at the University of Groningen. New medical treatment methods, other forms of energy, solid jurisdiction, insights into human and society; they all originate from academic knowledge. Extra money offers researcher space for creativity to put up projects of which the outcomes are unsure: there is a chance to get great new insights, but also similarly to end up in dead ends. Such a ‘playground’ is very important for the development of (fundamental) research. Besides, with extra money the University can also give students more possibilities and support in their education or, for example, offer chances to talents from developing countries to study in Groningen. By supporting the Ubbo Emmius Fund (UEF) you stimulate science in a field important to you. You can contribute to one of the following topics: Health: how can we stay healthy, happy and socially active for a longer time? Energy: the transition from current fossil energy sources to the new, sustainable energy production. Sustainability: creating and maintaining a sustainable and balanced society. Education: talented students are supported by various scholarships. These themes are closely linked and reinforce each other; research is increasingly interdisciplinary. In addition, good research flourishes in an environment where there is good education and vice versa. In this way, through its education and research, the University actively contributes to solving major societal issues. If you do not prefer any of the above-mentioned themes, you can donate to the UEF in general and the fund determines which project needs your support the most at that moment. € 0 Raised € 5.000 Target 0% Reached
Normal 2b33b5cfdfe9fbfc6a8b78e20aaa8f0eb5ca88ac Support the godwit Two years ago, the godwit was elected as the National Bird of the Netherlands. But it does not go well with this primal Dutch migratory bird. In the past 25 years, the population more than halved. 2016 was again a dramatically bad breeding season. 30,000 Dutch godwit couples raised only 4,000 chicks, while 11,000 are needed to keep the species alive. If we are not careful, there is only a handful godwits left within a number of years. More knowledge is needed Theunis Piersma, Professor Migratory Bird Ecology at the University of Groningen, and his research team would like to determine how we can best help godwit. Piersma and his team have been studying the birds and their international habitats for years - the godwits are wintering in West Africa and migrate every spring to the Netherlands, where as many as 85 and 90% of all couple’s nest. Through this research, it is becoming increasingly clear how important changes in the environmental conditions are, mainly due to intensive agriculture, perhaps in conjunction with climate change. In 2014 Piersma has received the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize for his research. Fly along For some time, it is possible to see what the birds are experiencing and to learn from them by - as it were - flying with them. This is made possible by equipping the godwits with small transmitter powered by very tiny solar panels, that communicates with particular satellites. Such research provides a wealth of information and can help to better protect the habitat of the godwit. Godwits with transmitters can tell us, when they’re in the wintering and breeding areas and along the route, what’s right and wrong for them, where there is plenty of high protein food, and where conditions are threatening. Support With your help, Theunis Piersma can equip more birds with a transmitter, in order to find out how we can best save the godwit. With an amount of € 20,000, he can equip godwits with a transmitter and track their hikes. May way count on your support?   € 7.435 Raised € 20.000 Target 37% Reached
Normal 6ea3880f8d5f887cfe1d2758bb25fabd6fa8c982 50 years of transplantation in Groningen Groningen belongs to the best of the world when it comes to transplantation medicine. More than 7,000 adults and children were given a "second life" because of a transplantation in Groningen. Consequently, the University of Groningen (UG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have a rich history in this area. In 1968, the first successful transplantation was performed. Nowadays, Groningen is often regarded as a leader in scientific research, development of new surgery and organ preservation techniques and new treatment methods. Since a few years the knowledge and care regarding transplantations has been brought together in one place; the UMC Groningen Transplantation Center. All programs have been gathered: small intestine, heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas and stem cells or combinations thereof. This comprehensive center is unique in the Netherlands and rarely done internationally. The history of transplantation medicine in Groningen is a showpiece and deserves to be recorded. Therefore, the UMC Groningen Transplantation Center wants to publish a jubilee book in 2018, fifty years after the first transplantation. The book will discuss, in collaboration with a large number of stakeholders, the rich past, present and future of transplantation medicine in Groningen. For the fulfillment of this jubilee book, we seek your support. A significant part of the costs have been covered, thanks to the help of UMCG, the UG and the UMC Groningen Transplantation Center. We hope you will help to raise the last € 30,000. May we count on your support?                        € 19.746 Raised € 30.000 Target 65% Reached
28/11/2017 New update During the 10th participation of the University of Groningen to the iGEM competition, this year's team has managed to add yet another gold medal to the prize collection of the university. This result was achieved after extensive judging during the 5-day conference in Boston. During this conference, 337 teams battled for one of the grand prizes for the smartest genetic solution for societal driven issues.  "For many members of our team, this was their first time defending their own scientific work during an event of this size. The gold medal is proof of an excellent accomplishment and maintaining the high standard, set by the previous teams of the university. We were astonished by the immense creativity and the excellent scientific insights of all the teams were have met during this event. This resulted in motivating ourselves even more to contribute to a better future by doing this kind of scientific problem solving. This is why we want to thank each and every one of you who contributed to this year's project in any way and we want to wish good luck and also lots of fun to next year's members of team Groningen." For all results of this year's competition. 24/11/2017 New update The December campaign for Eric Bleumink Fund (EBF) has become a tradition. Since its creation in 2000, 65 young, ambitious and highly talented students from developing countries have been awarded an EBF scholarship to study at the University of Groningen. The annual campaign starts on Monday the 27th of November with a telephone fundraising campaign to the alumni of the University. This will run until the 15th of December. On December 22nd the alumni magazine Broerstraat 5 will fall on your doorstep again with an enclosed payment slip with which you can support our Fund. The staff of the University of Groningen and the UMCG can also contribute by donating their Christmas gift to the EBF. Finally, it is possible to support talented students from developing countries via the crowdfunding website. The total result for the EBF was € 117.094,56 in the year 2016. We hope to exceed this amount! For more information about the EBF and the students >> 22/11/2017 New update Tuesday 21st of November the Ubbo Emmius Fund (UEF) JSM Talent Grants and the Van der Meer-Boerema Foundation Grants were awarded. Due to the MD/PhD program of the Junior Scientific Masterclass (JSM) students of Medicine and Dentistry can combine their master with scientific research. This enables them to go through an accelerated PhD program during their studies. Three UEF JSM Talent Grants of € 7,000, made possible thanks to a telephone fundraising campaign among alumni in the spring of 2017, went to Niels Grote Beverborg, Valerie Collij and Sebastiaan Lambooij. Five other Talent Grants ranging from € 7,000 to € 10,000 and funded by the Van der Meer-Boerema Foundation, were awarded to Rico Bense, Hagma Workel, Thijs Stutvoet, Marloes Nies and Bart van Dijken. For more information about the JSM.